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Bio Mowers

Eco Friendly Mowing Services!


Introducing Kentucky Meadow’s biological mowers – SHEEP! Our ewes love to eat grass (and weeds)! 


Want an environmentally friendly solution for your vineyard?

Is your pasture overgrown with weeds?


Do you have a cemetery that needs mowing?


Our crew of Merino, Rambouillet, and Scottish Blackface sheep would love to come and tame your unwieldy fields! Advantages of using our “Biological Mowers” (Sheep!) include:

  • Sheep will mow (graze) around objects (grapevines, tombstones, etc.) without hurting them.

  • They eat invasive weeds and grasses.  Have a problem with wild honeysuckle? They think its candy and will strip the vines bare up to about 4 feet off the ground!

  • Sheep manure not only acts as fertilizer, but it also increases water retention.

  • Let’s face it – they are cute!

  • They don’t use gas or any other petroleum products! Completely environmentally friendly.

IMG_4171 (1).jpg

Want to find out more? Email me at ecrowleyky at gmail dot com. This is a great, sustainable way to keep our pastures looking great.

We use solar powered electric netting to keep sheep contained if your fences need help (or you don't hand ave fences).  Sheep are checked daily we closely monitor the sheep to make sure they are contained, that they are not 'over grazing' the pasture, and to monitor their health. We take care of everything to make it easy for you.

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