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Puppy Waiting List


Puppy Application

We raise a very limited number of puppies. Our goal is to produce excellent working livestock guard dogs who will go to wonderful homes. If you would like to be considered for the next litter, please fill out the puppy adoption application and email it to ed@ mesta meadows dot com.


Ensuring that our dogs go to a good home is very important to us. And while Great Pyrenees can be companion dogs in addition to LGD's, we believe they are happiest when they working ona  farm doing what comes natural to them - guarding! A great place to start learning about Great Pyrenees is to visit this link.

The Great Pyrenees Breed

Great Pyrenees are amazing, and quirky, and a bunch of things.. here is my list from my personal experience... Great Pyrenees are:


  • Protective - of their livestock and their families.

  • Loving - these guys love their people, and they like to be with you!

  • BIG and a little goofy- think of a really big teenager with an adolescents mentality - that's pretty much it!

  • They like to bark - at wind, at trees, at pretty much anything that catches their attention.

  • Not as active as you might think - they really love to sleep!

  • Very very intelligent, and stubborn enough to think that your directions are more like requests!

  • An amazing breed and the best dogs I have ever had!!

Great Pyrenees or GPs as we call them, are trained to be independent thinkers and are naturally protective of their people and animals. We breed our pyres for size, we want large dogs - that can do the job on protecting the livestock. Our last litter ranged (when full grown) from 125 lbs all the way up to 190. You can see one of our puppies at Shaker Village. Deacon was adopted by Shaker Village and is having a wonderful time at his new home.

Our Philosphy

We love our livestock guard dogs (LGD's) and rely on our Great Pyrenees and Maremma dogs to protect our sheep, chickens, ducks, cattle, and goats from predators. In our area, we have multiple predators including coyotes, feral dogs, bobcats, hawks and black buzzards.  However, we have never lost an animal to predators in a field where we have guard dogs. Currently, we have four guard dogs (Samson, Delilah, Silas, and Izzy) protecting our sheep, goats, chickens, ducks, and cattle. Occasionally we will have puppies that we sell. We are a livestock farm and not a 'puppy mill' and as such only have a limited number of puppies. Both of our breeding pair (Samson and Izzy) are AKC registered and have been OFA tested and are certified as being free of hip dysplasia and that their hip joint confirmation is good.


We expose our puppies to livestock when they are only a few weeks old in order to acclimate them and prepare them for their new home. We will typically expose them to all of the animals on our farm, especially the goats and sheep. These are working livestock guard dogs, not pets, although they are extremely friendly. We encourage you to come meet the puppies so you can get a feel for their different personalities before making your choice.


Silas was one of our most beloved Great Pyrenees.  He was a huge, lovable dog who was great at protecting the sheep. He disappeared in early 2022 and unfortunately we never found him. He will always be missed!

The Crew


Samson - The sire for our LGD puppies and still doing a great job as our top LGD. Samson is a registered Great Pyreneese and the 'Wise old King' of the farm..


Princess Pyrene

Our newest addition is Princess is a wonderful AKC registered Great Pyrenees. She is a very protective guard dog with a real fun loving attitude. 



Delilah is the "queen" of the farm. She is the best LGD on the farm (don't tell Samson that we said that) she is now retired.

IMG_8008 2.jpg


Marshall is an exceptional guard dog, very friendly, great with poultry. He is purebred, but not registered.


Hercules is the grandson of Delilah and Sampson and a mix Newfoundland and Great Pyrenees.  His is a huge luggable beefcake of a dog. He also hates any kind of bird - so he protects the flock from bald eagles, vultures, and hawks. 

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