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This is an aged, hard sheep cheese from Green Dirt Farms. It is a mild cheese. Each package is between 3 oz and 5 oz.


What’s Prairie Tomme?

Green Dirt Farm’s Prairie Tomme is our rustic, mountain-style, 100% sheep’s milk hard cheese. It’s similar to the sheep’s milk cheeses from the Pyrenees mountains, like Idiazabal and Ossau Iraty, but has its own unique character owing to the distinctive flavors imparted by the forages our sheep eat. Sarah first learned to make our version of this style of cheese in 2010 from a Croatian cheese maker who demonstrated the traditional techniques for making the fabulous but little-known Croatian sheep’s milk cheese, Paski Sir. Sheep on the Island of Pag, where Paski Sir is made, graze on wild grasses and herbs that flavor their sheep’s milk, just like our grasses and forbs flavor our sheep’s milk. Our cheese-making team continues to refine the recipe little by little each year to create the fantastic cheese we make today. 

Prarie Tomme Cheese

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