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Larry ... the Sheep writes her Blog

Hi, I’m Larry, a registered Rambouillet Sheep, this is a picture of me trying to get in the barn, I'll explain more later.

Today we are enjoying the wonderful 70 degree weather on our farm Kentucky Meadows. Since I was born in South Dakota but now live in Kentucky, I’m finding that I love the weather so much better. It certainly isn’t near as cold. I know there were plenty of complaints from my sister sheep about the rain and the weather but personally, I love it!

All my sister sheep are pregnant and some are very close. I hear a lot of complaining about how uncomfortable they are. I’d like to sympathize with them but I just recently lost my baby. It was no fault of my own but just God’s way of saying “not this time.” I do enjoy seeing the little lambs running around and the farmer and his wife get such a kick out of them. It just kind of makes me all warm inside to see them jump and run all over the place.

Today in the barnyard we had new ducklings born and even though they are super cute now, they grow up and become very annoying. They follow us around the barnyard picking through our droppings. Not sure what they are looking for - but whatever works for them. They are pretty good at keeping the flies down, so that part I love. And the eggs, oh my goodness, the farmer’s wife has so many duck egg customers that she can’t keep up. Crazy thing is the ducks lay their eggs everywhere and it is like an Easter egg hunt. We sheep, just kind of laugh about it because the farmer and his wife are always searching for eggs.

So you ask, how did I get my name, well the farmer’s wife thought it would be cute to name a sheep after her brother, hence my name is Larry, but I like it. Secretly, I’m her favorite and I always get extra cookies. I’m always the first one to everything, and I’m not shy about getting what I want. The best part is when the farmer’s wife leaves the gate open just a crack, well, it’s like an open invitation to enter the barn and eat whatever pleases me. I’m not sure why she gets so bent out of shape about it, but she does. And the FARMER, well he really gets crazy … throws us out like we are a bunch of dogs. I mean … it is just a little afternoon snack.

The farmer and his wife brought a new breed to sheep to the farm recently, I think they are called Scottish Blackface. Cute little things but they have such annoying baaas. Each had a set of twins and they are cute with their little black and white faces. From what I hear they have big plans for those sheep .. something about Valise Blacknose – google it and see what a craze is going on.

Lastly, our good friend and protector, Delilah, head guard dog had her puppies and they will all be gone soon. She had four boys and a girl. Samson will be glad to have her back in the field with him (he’s been a little grumpy lately) I think he really misses her.

Well that is the report from the barnyard. I’ll write again soon.

Larry the Sheep

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