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Learn How to Ranch

Internship/Apprenticeship Programs

At Mesta Meadows we offer two internship programs: a three-month program and a one-year program.  The goal of the programs are to benefit both the intern through education and experience and to meet our farm needs for labor to support our growth. Interns receive free room and board as well as a monthly stipend. Each program begins with a two week trial period to ensure there is a good fit the intern and our farm, family, and community.

The three-month internship programs are focused on specific farm activities during that three month season. For example, the January through March program focuses on lambing. The April through June program focuses on wool processing.  July through August focuses on calving. September through December focuses on breeding.  Dairy production and management happens throughout the year except in January through February. All the programs include animal husbandry, basic stockmanship, farm management, and farm infrastructure training. Dairy production occurs for nine months of the year (typically February to November).

The year long apprenticeship program is intended to provide intensive training in a grass based, livestock management system with high value add, direct marketing. Our goal is to equip year long interns with the basic skills and knowledge they need to successfully operate a farm. It is impossible to become an expert in farm operations and management in one year. However, you can become proficient, and more importantly, learn what areas of farm or of greatest interest to you.

You can download the entire Internship Application and program information here.

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