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2021 Ram Listing and Info Sheet

2021 Breeding Rams For Sale

For 2021 we have three great rams for sale. A mature, 2 year old registered ram from our flock sire (George Washington) and our best Ewe (both in terms of reproductive traits and wool quality), and a young cormo/Rambouillet cross ram which would make tremendous additions for a small farm flock.

Your welcome to come out and visit us to see our rams. 

Premier Registered Ram

IMG_E0170 (1).JPG

Millard Filmore (KY29) has a large frame, excellent wool quality, and he is ready to go to work! At two and a half years old - he will just be entering his prime this breeding season! 

Millard Filmore - $700

Born 11/12/18


Registered Ramboiullet


Excellent wool quality - 22.7 micron with a 99.7 comfort factor.

Best of Both Worlds


William Howard Taft (KY 59) is a Cormo / Rambouillet cross. We were target super fine wool quality, and we achieved it - in fact, he has better wool stats than most ewes. We expect he will be a smaller frame ram consistent with his Cormo genetics.

William Howard Taft  $450

Born 4/7/20


Cormo /  Rambouillet Cross

Excellent wool quality - 20 micron wool with a 99 comfort factor.

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