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Our goal at Mesta Meadows is to produce the finest breeding stock for fine wool sheep. Our sheep are bred based on several goals - (1) Optimal wool quality, (2) Reproduction traits (mutliple, health lambs is the target), and (3) moderate size and good handling characteristics. We don't raise 'show lambs' where everything is about 'size'. The majority of our ewes and lambs are sold into the small farm holder and spinner/craft market. We do not keep or sell aggressive rams. The majority of our stock are registered, although we do sell a limited number of non-registered cross bred Rams and Ewes.  Check our current listing by downloading the PDF below. 

Featured Ram of the Month: Millard Filmore (KY 7578 0029) Born 11/12/2018, Twin, Registered Rambouillet.


This Ram has it all:

  • Incredible Genetics: His sire is from the Erk Ranch in South Dakota, one of the top wool producing ranches in the USA. Average fleece of 20.4 micron, crimp of 14, staple lenght of 4.22, 12.1 lbs. His dam is our best wool ewe (and mother). Average 18.05 Micron, Staple length 3.25, crimp 24, 6.23 lbs. She has had eight lambs in the last three years, three sets of twins, two singles all live, healthy producers!

  • Great Temprement: Very easy to work with. Feed bucket trained.

  • Perfect Size: Good size, but still can be handled.

This is a foundation ram to build a top quality wool flock.

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