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My Great Pyrenees Protectors as reported by Moe “the One-Eyed Cat”

Hey folks, I was recently asked to write a blog for my Farm, Kentucky Meadows. I haven’t always lived on a farm, but I do now, and I love it. I especially love my great big friends and protectors the Guardian Livestock Dogs. There are four of these great protectors living on my farm and I’d like to tell you about each of them.

The newest protector is Silas. At only 8 months old he is 121 lbs. of love and fluff.

He loves the farmer and his wife (almost too much sometimes). He loves to jump and run and just play with everything. He’s a cool guy and I always get a laugh watching him interact with the goats. They will do a little head buttin’, but Silas is always gentle and loves his goats.

Next is Moses. Moses is actually a Maremma but looks just like the Great Pyrenees dogs. Moses came to us through the foster system of National Great Pyrenees Rescue. The farmer’s wife will sometimes foster for them and Moses is what you call a “foster fail”. He didn’t fail but the farmer and his wife failed. They failed to release him because they loved him so much. He is best known as a gentle giant. He stays with Silas and together this great dual guard the goats and the Scottish Blackface Sheep. Moses has been known to keep the animals near the house even when they escaped out of the fence. For instance once the farmer found him and his

flock sitting on the driveway waiting for someone to come and put them back in their pasture.

Then we move on to Delilah. Being the only female guard dog, she feels as if she needs to prove herself, therefore she is one of the best guard dogs on the farm. Delilah can be ferocious when barking at coyotes but tender and loving when helping one of the farm animals clean up their young. She will be there for the new mothers and the older wiser ones. She lays with her flock watching their every move and anticipating what they need. She knows when there is a predator stalking around and will run to ward them off before they can even get near the fence. Delilah is also good for a cuddle and some warmth when I need it. I love this girl.

Lastly, is the Mighty Samson, the master of the barnyard. Samson guards with Delilah and

he takes his job very serious. He patrols his grounds, never letting anyone near his flock of Rambouillet and Merino Sheep. He will ward off anything from Hawks to Coyotes and no one messes with him. He also has a great memory and can sense when there is danger close by. He has been known to knock down a weaker dog, stand over them and keep predators away. When it comes to the farmer and his wife he is right there by their side every moment. The farmer’s wife has used him many times to get between her and a very large ram that might be just a bit threatening. He can sense her fear and steps right up to protect her. With the Samson and Delilah duo, I feel very safe on my farm.

My job on the farm is to get mice out of the barn …. And frankly I’m a failure. I don’t like mice and probably wouldn’t eat one if I caught it. I’ll keep waiting for the cat chow and let the other cats handle the mice. I prefer to lay on the beds inside the house where I can stretch out and be warm and cozy.

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