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Where the Heck Does the Name Mesta Meadows Come From?

I get asked all the time, where does the name Mesta Meadows come from... well... here is the story..

In Spain, the original Merino sheep grazed the Spanish southern plains in winter and the northern highlands in summer. The Mesta was an organization of privileged sheep owners who developed the breed and controlled the migrations along cañadas reales suitable for grazing. The Mesta full name in Spanish is Honrado Concejo de la Mesta (honorable Council of the Mesta).

We have named our farm Mesta Meadows in honor of the Spanish heritage of our Rambouillet (French Merino) and Cormo (Australian Merino / Corriedale crosses) sheep.

We started their flock by acquiring a starter flock from one of the top Rambouillet ranches in the US – the Erk Ranch in South Dakota. Then we scoured the US for fine wool Cormo sheep with our starter flock coming from Virginia, Indiana, and Illinois. Our latest Rambouillet flock expansion is from the Kitterling Ranch in North Dakota (talk about cold, we picked the sheep up in the middle of December - with a high of 7 degrees!).

Our goal is to create the highest quality wool sheep in the USA through careful genetic selection, excellent nutrition, and flock stewardship. Basically, happy - healthy sheep from great breeding stock make great wool! That is our goal!

Wikipedia Article on the Society de Mesta


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