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Ozark Highland Cattle Company

Mesta Meadows is home for the Ozark Highland Cattle Company's fold of registered Highland cattle. 

We love our highlands! In 2021, the Ozark Highland Cattle Company was formed by Ed Crowley (Owner of Mesta Meadows) and Steven Stovall to raise the highest quality breeding stock and pasture raised beef possible. We roamed the Midwest looking for the best cattle we could find to start our fold of Coo's. We selected the Highland Cattle for their hardiness, ability to thrive in the Ozark Highland's rough terrain, gentleness, longevity (cows calve well into their late teens), and meat qualities.  Highland Cattle are also really photogenic and friendly! Ozark Highland Cattle Company coos (no it's not a mis-spelling) live on Mesta Meadows farm. We welcome visitors and have hosted birthday tours and photo sessions.  Just contact Mesta Meadows at or 859 536 0767 to arrange a session. with our friendly ladies.


Ozark Highland Cattle Company is a member of the Heartland Highland Cattle Association as well as the American Highland Cattle Association.  


As a breeder of Highland cattle for eighteen years, I have found them to be a superior, intelligent animal. They are very docile, easy to handle and halter train, easy keepers and the meat is lower in cholesterol and fat, but higher in protein to all other breeds of cattle.


The Highland breed of cattle has lived for centuries in the rugged remote Scottish Highlands. The extremely harsh conditions created a process of natural selection, where only the fittest and most adaptable animals survived to carry on the breed.

Highland cattle are the oldest registered breed of cattle with a Herd Book being published in 1885. The Scottish Highland Cattle Society was formed in 1884 and most of the cattle registered were black. Originally there were two subgroups of Highland cattle, which today are merged into one. The smaller, mostly black or brindled cattle were raised on the western island and were known as Kyloes, and the larger red animals were on the Scottish mainland. Today Highland cattle may be red, black, yellow, white, brindle, silver, or dun color.

Source: Successful Farming Magazine

Scottish Highland Cow
Highland beef versus others.jpg

Highland Beef

Highlands make great beef! With a smaller size than most commercial livestock, highlands are ideal for today's families who have limited freezer space and budgets for beef. We sell quarters (typically 150 lbs or less) and halves (typically 300 lbs or less) of some of the most wholesome and tasty meat you will find. Highland cattle are typically leaner than commercial breeds, but due to their fine muscle fibers, they actually have a better flavor profile than commercial breeds even as a leaner meat. But don't take our word for it - read this study by the University of Missouri which found Highland beef to be the best flavored.

MU Beef Study
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