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The Mason Jar Store

Farm to Table Store


 Saturdays - 9:00 to 4:00

Please visit us at  our farm store, The Mason Jar Store where we provide free samples and welcome farm visitors. We currently offer:

  • Eggs (Chicken and Duck subject to seasonality)

  • Pasture raised Lamb (subject to seasonality)

  • Pasture raised Beef 

  • Pasture raised Tamworth Pork

  • Pasture raised Chicken and Duck

  • Locally made Jellys and Jams

  • Locally produced Maple, Hickory, and Walnut Syrup

  • A wide variety of sheep cheeses

  • Craft Ice-cream

  • Locally Produced Crafts

  • Sheeps Milk (from Mesta Meadows)

  • Yarn

  • Wool

  • Sheep Cheeses

We also open the store by appointment. Just call us at 859 536 0767 or email us at

To find our store using Google Maps use the location "869F8X53+8WJ".  We are located one mile west of Glenallen Missouri on Highwy 34.

To place orders for beef or lamb, please fill out the form provided in the following link.  For questions, please call us at 859 536 0767 or email

Raw Sheep's Milk
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