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The Mason Jar Store: Open Friday - 3:00 PM - 6:00 PM

Saturdays - 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM


Please visit us at  our farm store, The Mason Jar Store where we provide free samples and welcome farm visitors. We currently offer:

  • Eggs (Chicken and Duck subject to seasonality)

  • Pasture raised Lamb (subject to seasonality)

  • Pasture raised Highland Beef 

  • Pasture raised Chicken and Duck

  • Home made Jellys and Jams

  • Locally produced Maple, Hickory, and Walnut Syrup

  • A wide variety of sheep cheeses

  • Ice-cream

  • Locally Produced Crafts

  • Sheeps Milk (from Mesta Meadows)

  • Yarn

  • Wool

We also open the store by appointment. Just call us at 859 536 0767 or email us at

To find our store using Google Maps use the location "869F8X53+8WJ".  We are located one mile west of Glenallen Missouri on Highwy 34.

To place orders for beef or lamb, please fill out the form provided in the following link.  For questions, please call us at 859 536 0767 or email


Raw Sheep's Milk


Sheep's milk is AMAZING.  It is higher in protein than goat or cows milk and is very sweat. It makes amazing yogurt, cheese and ice-cream and tastes great to drink! Many people who cannot drink goat or cows milk can drink sheep's milk.  We sell in quart, half gallon, and gallon containers. Sheep's milk is also unique in that it can be frozen without damaging the flavor for up to three months - so we have a number of customers that are buying frozen milk and taking it home!


Grass Fed Lamb


Pasture raised and grass fed. At Mesta Meadows we raise our sheep on pasture with hay and grain supplemented during the winter months. We provide USDA inspected and processed lamb. Our lamb is seasonal with availability in late spring (April-May) and winter (Oct-December).


A $100 deposit is required with sheep orders

Raw Sheep's Milk

Whole Lamb $10/lb

  • You will receive approximately 35-50 lbs of processed meat that is vacuum packed and frozen.  

  • Standard cuts include: 2 leg roasts, 2 racks of lamb, approximately 5 packs of loin chops, 2 lamb shanks, 2 boneless shoulder rolls, ground lamb, 1 pack of liver, kidneys, and heart.

Lamb Recipes

Shepards Pie - A classic lamb recipe!


Buttermilk Braised Leg of Lamb - Leg of lamb, one of the best cups.


Lamb Stew with White Wine, Orange, and Fennel - a classic for a cold winter day!


Sheun Ribs - A little oriental spin on lamb ribs.

Leg of Lamb

Grass Fed Beef

Pasture raised and grass fed. We raise our beef on lush Ozark Highlands grass. We do finish our beef during the last six months with a few pounds of grain per day to provide improved marbling. The beef is processed and packed at a USDA inspected plant. We sell individual cuts  at our farm store, and we also sell whole, half, and quarters of beef. We may buying beef easy.  All our beef is USDA inspected.  Our Scottish Highland Beef is $8.50 per pound (when purchased as a whole, half, or quarter) and all of our Angus/Angus cross beef is $6.50 per pound. $100 deposit is required on all beef orders.


Lamb vs. Mutton


Lamb is a sheep that is typically less than 1 year old. There is little fat on lamb, and the meat can vary in color from a tender pink to a pale red. Lamb less than 3 months of age is called spring lamb. Spring lamb is extremely tender but has a milder flavor than lamb. Most sheep meat sold in the United States comes from lambs simply because mutton doesn't have much of a following in the U.S.


Mutton is meat from a sheep that is older than 1 year, ideally 3 years old. It is an intense red color and contains a considerable amount of fat. Its flavor is very strong, and you might have to acquire the taste before being able to enjoy a meal of mutton if you're an American. Our mutton is 1 1/2 to 2 years old, so it has a milder flavour. I really love the mutton - just as much (if not more) than lamb. The ground mutton makes amazing mutton burgers!!


Mutton is much more popular in the Middle East and Europe than in the United States. The gamey flavor of mutton does tend to appeal more to people who also enjoy other game meats such as deer, wild boar, rabbit, and other more exotic animals.

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