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Wool, America’s Premium Fiber, is:


Ecologically Friendly

American Wool... a renewable, natural fiber

Biodegradable… eco-friendly product

Sustainable... offers a ‘green’ fabric option


Long Lasting and Durable

Color fast... retains its deep, rich color without fading

Durable… resists snagging and piling

Resilient... retains shape, resists wrinkling and stretches with wearer



Drapes beautifully... sturdy for lasting valuable

Easy care… keeps from soiling


Practical for Sport, Work, and Dressing Up!

Moisture absorbing… wicks and moves moisture away from the body to be evaporated

Multi-season... insulates and breaths for comfort

Odor reducing .. bacteria not attracted to fiber

Water repellant. hydrophobic surface repels liquid

Flame resistant... naturally defends against fire



Other Benefits of Wool:


According to research funded by the Woolmark Company, wearing superfine Merino wool has shown a beneficial impact for eczema sufferers. When worn next to skin, superfine Merino wool works as a dynamic buffer, helping maintain a more stable humidity and temperature in the micro-climate between the fabric and the skin. Wool garments are the most breathable of the common apparel types, absorbing and releasing twice as much moisture vapor as cotton and thirty times as much as polyester. It appears superfine Merino wool acts like a second skin for these people whose ‘first’ skin is too dry.

Basket of raw wool
Lamb with wool
Lamb with yarn
Raw wool
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