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We sell registered Rambouillet and Cormo sheep. Our Rambouillet and Cormo sheep breeding program focuses on producing: (1) fine wool - currently our ewe average is 19 micron, our goal is to get to 18 micron (2) wool production volume, and (3) high per ewe lamb production.

At Mesta Meadows we are all about wool.  We love our dual purpose Rambouillets because they offer premium wool while also being great meat producers. Our registered Rambouillet came from the Erk Ranch in South Dakota, one of the leading Rambouillet ranches in the US. Our Cormo flock come select farms in Virginia and Illinois.


We are all about the wool! Each year we test our fleeces at a professional wool testing lab. These are a few key stats from our 2021 wool clip:


  • Our average micron for Rambouillet ewes was 19.49 micron. The smaller the micron of the wool the softer it is and the better it is for 'next to skin' applications. 

  • The CV averaged 16.7. Coefficient of Variation or CV is the SD multiplied by 100% and then divided by the diameter of the wool. This is another measure of uniformity. The normal range is 15% to 30%, with 15% being exceptionally uniform.

  • The average comfort factor for our ewes was 99.3%. This measures the percentage of fibers over 30 micron. Generally, fibers over 30 micron tend to bend less and produce a poking sensation. So by subtracting this number from 100%, you get the % of fibers below 30 micron, which is called the comfort factor (the higher the percentage the better).

  • Our Rambouillet Rams also performed exceptionally well with an average micron of 22.04 as well as an average comfort factor of 95.9%.

2021 #1 Quality:    Our six year old "Jesebel" had a 16.9 micron wool with a 100% comfort factor. Exceptional for an ewe of this age!



We specialize in providing excellent quality rams for fine wool flocks.  Of course, the Rambouillet breed is also an ideal dual purpose breed for meat as well as wool. We cull rams who are aggressive, or who have poor physical characteristics, or who do not have exceptional wool quality. 

Fine Wool Rams, Bred for the Fine Wool Textile Applications and the Fiber Artisan Market

Rams for Sale

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