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Produced by Green Dirt Farm, a Missouri Sheep Cheese creamery.  Packages are 4 to 6 ozs.


Artisan Sheep Cheese Reminiscent of Gouda and Gruyere

Aux Arcs (pronounced “Ozark”) is a blended cow and sheep milk cheese inspired by Beaufort and similar to a gouda or gruyere cheese. This rustic, mountain-style cheese highlights the wonderful flavors that develop using milk from animals raised on a diverse diet of grasses, legumes and forbs. It is a cooked and pressed hard cheese. It is aged at least two months, and during the first month the rind is washed with brine. After that the rind is allowed to develop, giving our Aux Arcs wheels a beautiful, natural rind with an earthy flavor. Each wheel of Aux Arcs blended sheep milk cheese comes with free shipping and is four pounds minimum.


Aux Arcs is milky and buttery with sweet pineapple notes, and hints of flowers. Its rind is evocative of damp earth and mushrooms. 

Aux Arc Cheese

Expected to ship in June
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